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     Flying performers is our business, our only business, and we do it really well.  Whether for a play, musical, dance performance, opera, church drama, or corporate event, we have the equipment, skills and experience to create flying effects that will WOW your audiences.  No effect is too large or too small.

     All D2 Flying Effects' directors are ETCP certified riggers and have years of experience flying performers.  Our systems are built from aircraft quality aluminum to be both strong and lightweight, our harnesses are some of the most comfortable flying harnesses available, and our staff is friendly, respectful and knowledgeable.  We will work with the director and/or choreographer to ensure you get the effects that you want.  We also work with your scenic, lighting and costume designers to ensure that everything works together (and we have online resources that can help designers who have never designed for a production with performer flying).  We understand that many of our clients have little or no experience with performer flying effects, and we take the time to make sure that everyone understands everything they need to know to make the right decisions for their productions.

     Whether you are an elementary school needing a small manual effect or a Broadway show in need of motorized flying winches, or anything in between, we can create flying effects to meet your needs, your facility and your budget.  Let us talk to you about your next flying effect.



Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is taking the country by storm.  Our new "Bert" rig allows Bert to walk up the proscenium and across the top, upside-down - just like the Broadway production. We can do other effects for Bert and Mary too.


RigCalc is our online rigging calculator than can help you compute bridle lengths, resultant forces, forces on bridles, center of gravity, loads on truss legs, weight of pipe, counterweight, fleet angles, and many other commonly needed rigging calculations in both stage and arena rigging. Only $4.99.

Android Version  - RigCalc is available at the Android Market.  

iPhone/iTouch/iPad Version  -  RigCalc is available at the App Store.

Rigging Math Made Simple

Want to learn rigging math?  Purchase Delbert Hall's book that prepares you to solve almost any rigging math problem. Click here.



Bert walks up proscenium at
the Aurora Theatre's production of
Mary Poppins
Photo by Christopher Bartelski

 Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins flying rehearsal at
Central Piedmont Community College

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